Dog is so in love with the neighbor’s dog that he brings gifts to her in the middle of the night

Dogs love to be friends with each other, and sometimes friendship grows into something more. For example, love.

Today we are going to share with you the incredible story of two dogs that even run around at night to see each other. They are always inseparable except for nap time at night. But the night doesn’t prevent them from seeing each other.

Dogs Holly and Harry have been living in neighboring houses for seven years. Even as puppies, the dogs became friends and simply became inseparable. They are constantly together. Nothing stops them when they want to meet, even the night is not a hindrance to them.

One such trip was filmed by a video surveillance camera, which is installed above the front door.

Harry came to his girlfriend at eleven o’clock in the evening. Moreover, he brought a gift to his girlfriend. Harry put the ball on the threshold of the house where Holly lives and waited. The owner of the girl opened the front door. Holly ran out of the house to play with Harry in the yard.

The girl’s owners posted the video on social media with the caption: “My boyfriend came on a date and brought me something special.”

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