Dog replaced mother for homeless kitten. Now they are inseparable forever

Caitlin works in one of the veterinary clinics in the USA. Once going to work, the girl found a kitten on the street. The animal was born quite recently and did not even learn how to eat on its own. In addition to general weakness, the baby’s problems were aggravated by a cold and an eye infection.

Caitlin took the kitten with her to the clinic, where he was examined and prescribed treatment, including antibiotics. Thanks to the drugs and the care of the girl, the baby quickly recovered. I had to bottle feed the kitten, but this helped him quickly gain weight.

After a while, the strength returned to the baby. At the beginning of his treatment, he either just slept or lay with his eyes fixed on one point, but when things got better, the kitten began to play, run around the clinic and meow loudly, attracting attention to himself. From the active behavior of the crumbs, Caitlin realized that he was ready to leave the clinic, so she took him home.

In the new house, the baby was to meet Grace, a dog who had lived with Caitlin for a long time. The animals didn’t just get along, Grace became a real mother to the baby. The dog warms the kitten, watches him, they often play together and even sleep next to each other.


The kitten is growing and gaining strength, and Caitlin does not have to worry about him, because when she is at work, Grace looks after the baby, protecting him from trouble.

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