Dog rescued from street gives birth to 13 cubs

A month ago, animal rights activists in the British county of Essex picked up a dog from the street. Elsa, as they called the pet, was in a position and was about to give birth to offspring, so she was assigned to a house for overexposure.

She gave birth two weeks later. Volunteers share that they expected more than six cubs, but they never expected thirteen.

However, Elsa turned out to be a wonderful mother and immediately began to nurse her crumbs. According to animal rights activists, she is incredibly attentive and does not leave her kids for a second.

All puppies are absolutely healthy, grow fast and get stronger, gaining strength. The young mother very organically fit into this role, but volunteers still sometimes help her so that she doesn’t get exhausted, nursing so many babies.

In addition, sometimes there may not be enough milk for everyone, so they give complementary foods from a bottle. As soon as they get older, the cubs will be distributed to caring homes.

We hope that there will be loving owners for the wonderful Elsa.

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