Dog sacrificed his life saving his 8-month-old owner from a fire

Dog Nero died like a hero, saving the 8-month-old daughter of the owners from the fire.

Baby Jen and her family live in Cleveland. That evening, the woman literally left the house for a minute and headed for her things to the car. As she was walking back, she saw that her house was on fire.

“I heard my daughter crying, but I couldn’t go to her,” the woman says. “I couldn’t do anything to save my child. Neighbors broke windows and doors, but no one could get to Jen.»

Trying to get into the house to the child, the woman severely cut her hands, severe burns appeared on them. Neither my mother nor the neighbors were able to enter the house, only after the firefighters arrived at the scene, they were able to overcome the fire and get into the building.

When the rescuers were in the nursery, they realized that the baby was alive. The situation would have turned out quite differently if it were not for a dog named Nero. The animal covered the baby with itself and remained with her until its last breath. The dog could have run away from the burning house, but chose to stay with the child.

Jen survived a strong fire, but the doctors diagnosed only 10% of the burns on her body, because the rest he covered with himself and saved Nero from the fire. Rescuers unanimously assure that the child was saved by the dedication of the animal.

Baby Jan was taken to the hospital, but her life is not in danger.

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