Dog stops cars so children can safely cross the road

Unfortunately, drivers do not always have enough respect for pedestrians. Sometimes the rush of a person sitting behind the wheel leads to irreparable consequences.

The little dog that we will tell you about is ready to control the situation on the road.

A few days ago, a man named Beka Tsinadze from Batumi, Georgia, witnessed a very curious scene. He saw a group of small children standing at the crosswalk, waiting for the drivers of the vehicles to give way to them.

But no one was eager to show the courtesy and let the kids through. Then the dog intervened. She took on the role of “crossing guard” to give the children the opportunity to cross the road safely.

The dog behaved like a professional, and, most likely, this was not the first time he had done this trick!

It isn’t known exactly why the dog behaves this way, but the locals think that this is a way to say “thank you” to them. A few years ago, a homeless pet appeared in the area. She was friendly and very hungry, and the locals took pity on her. People took upon themselves the obligation to feed and help the animal in every possible way.

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