Dogs in the house called 911 sixteen times while their owners were at work

Officers arrived at a home in Lakeville less than an hour after sixteen 911 calls.

But it only turned out that there were two dogs who desperately called the authorities.

The dogs were home alone while their owners were at work.However, they had to have a “ruff” day.The house dogs called 911 sixteen times while their owners were at work.

After someone was heard barking on the other end of the line, officers were sent to investigate

Since there was no one at home, the police were confused.So officer Michelle Roberts contacted the owners. That way they were able to get into the garage.

After “investigation”, it turned out that there was still a cell phone.

From there, the dogs were able to call 911 by simply touching the screen because it was set to «emergency calls only.»

«Our guess is that the dogs were having a rough day and it was the dogs that called 911,» joked Officer Roberts.

After the incident, the owner said he would never leave his phone unattended again.

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