Due to lack of money, they refused to treat the dog…

The sheepdog was hit by a car, but they didn’t treat her, because the cost of the veterinarian’s services was too high. Fate gave this dog a second chance.Now she has a new home and a loving family.

The sheepdog was noticed by passers-by. The animal lay motionless on the side of the road and howled from the pain in the injured paw. People picked up the dog and took it to the vet.

The clinic said that it was necessary to operate and called the amount of services. For those who found the dog, this amount was too much, so they asked for help from volunteers.

Volunteers found another clinic where the sheepdog had an operation.And after it they helped with the search for a family.

The new owners named him Amir.They took her immediately after the operation and took care of further treatment.

In her new home, Amira is happy.She is very attached to her owners and also made friends with their cats.

Amira is affectionate and playful, she has become a favorite of the owners and the best friend for their cats.

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