During a thunderstorm, two downtrodden sheepdogs huddled together

Two shepherd dogs that wandered around the area and were frightened at every appearance of people were seen several times by the inhabitants of a small town in Ireland. It soon became clear that the dogs were homeless and there was no one to take care of them. As it got cold outside and it began to rain, people decided that it was necessary to help the animals.

People turned to animal rescuers, saying that they regularly see shepherd dogs in their area, and the last time it rained heavily, the animals were not far from the local farm. Volunteers immediately went to the place, but, because of the rain, it was not possible to find the animals immediately.

The squeaks of the shepherd dogs continued for three days. All this time, volunteers walked close to local farms and combed the nearby forest. When the volunteers almost resigned themselves to the fact that they would not be able to find the dogs, they were lucky — the dogs were found in the barn of one of the local farmers. “To be honest, we stopped believing that we would be able to find them, so the moment when we noticed the shepherds was very emotional. We were worried about how the cold weather would affect the health of the animals, so we were glad that they were found and we can help them,” said one of the volunteers.

The volunteers decided that the dogs were sisters and named them Torah and Levina. To lure the dogs, the rescuers offered them food, and then took them to a shelter, where doctors immediately took care of them. The costs of treatment were covered by charitable organizations that help homeless animals.

Soon, overexposure was found for Torah and Levina. At first, the dogs were frightened, but soon calmed down and settled down, realizing that nothing threatened them.

Only at overexposure dogs learned that people can be caring and affectionate, they first felt love from a person and gradually began to learn to trust others. Very soon, shepherd dogs will start looking for families in which they will be surrounded by love and attention.

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