Every evening, the bear sneaks into a popular public pool for a dip

A Bulgarian mountain resort has closed its pool for the winter, but staff have started noticing someone sneaking into the pool late at night to take a dip.

Checking their security footage, they were surprised to find that their mysterious visitor was a bear. This furry giant returned night after night for his dark swim.

The staff watched in amusement as the curious bear wandered the property until he stealthily snuck under the chained “Closed” sign in front of the pool to take a dip.

Instead of trying to remove him, the mountain resort staff named him Swimmy and allowed him to continue his midnight raids, since no one was using the pool anyway.

Each night, Swimmy can be observed paddling his way around the pool, looking like a giant teddy bear in his own personal aquatic heaven.
His delightful antics on his nightly visits to the pool provide a constant source of entertainment that the staff at the mountain resort look forward to each night.

The resort’s pool will be officially closed once Swimmy goes into hibernation once the winter cold truly sets in, but for now, the public facility will remain open to one very furry swimmer.

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