Exhausted dog himself came to the shelter for homeless animals

Stepping out onto the veranda, Paige Graham saw that a dog was sitting not far from the door. Paige owned an animal shelter, so the dog at the house shouldn’t have been a surprise to her, only she did not know this dog. The dog was very thin, fear was visible in his eyes. The woman extended her hand to him, but the animal took this as a threat and immediately ran out into the street.

In the afternoon, going for a walk with her wards, Paige again met the dog. The dog was sitting in her yard. The woman had to drive the dog away, because she didn’t know how she would react to her pets. The dog left, but soon reappeared on the territory of the shelter using a dig under the fence, which he did.

Paige realized that the dog was determined to become her ward, so she took the leash and walked over to her. This time, the animal did not try to escape, but allowed to put on all the «ammunition».

The girl named the new ward Randy. He didn’t have a chip to identify his owners, but Paige was confident that a new home would be quickly found for him.

And so it happened. Randy from the first day conquered one of the volunteers and he took him to his house.

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