Eye — one, paws — three… the dog has experienced a lot in his life

Dog Dik always walked along the same route — along Kolkhoznaya Street, past a public transport stop and around the hospital located right there. The dog had only one eye, he moved on three legs, the fourth dangled lifelessly.

It is quite possible that Dick would have remained to live on the street, but love changed everything.

Dick really liked the little dog and for her sake he changed his route and settled on Novaya Street, where his beloved lived. Soon the dog had a puppy, which she brought into the world, hiding under an abandoned car.

A family with six kids quickly attracted the attention of local residents, they called the trap and took the dogs away, only Dick managed to escape. This was a real miracle, because the dog, most likely, could not survive anesthesia, as well as life in a cramped trapping cage with dozens of other dogs.

However, Dick could no longer live on the street either. He was lucky once again, because Valentina Silich, who owns a dog shelter, decided to take care of him.

Dick’s injured paw was amputated, and his eye also had to be operated on. The dog quickly recovered, he was quite comfortable in the shelter.

I would like to believe that the photo of the prettier Dick will be seen by those who helped him during his homeless life. The dog remembers Natalya, who fed him, and the seller from the kiosk, who always had snacks for him.

And we want to thank Valentina, who does not leave animals in trouble, including those on whom the rest have long put an end to it.

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