Faithful cat saves family from fire by biting sleeping owner

Thanks to their beloved mustachioed pet, the family was able to escape the burning house in the middle of the nigh.

The fire flared up late at night, but the house cat noticed the flame. The parents and two children were asleep when the cat snuck into their bedroom and bit the mother’s hand to warn her, sources said.

The Grande Prairie County Fire Department in Alberta, Canada, confirmed that the cat contributed to the significant success of the rescue operation.

«Early this morning, the cat alerted the family to a fire in their home» Grand Prairie County Fire Chief Trevor Grant said in a press release. Thanks to this, the family managed to get out of the house safe and sound.

Firefighters also rescued a second cat from the fire. William Wavrek, a freelance photographer, arrived at the scene just as firefighters began putting out the fire.

Vavrek photographed the firefighters right during the rescue work.He took one of the shots by standing in front of the house and, thus, one of the furry pets of the family, which one of the firefighters carefully lowered down the stairs.

His picture was on the front pages of several local newspapers and was widely distributed on the social networkings.

Users were delighted with the heroic act of the cat and tirelessly admired and praised the purr.

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