Family adopted a 20-year-old cat from a shelter. They did not expect that there was still so much love in him.

Once in the family, cats become a big part of it, because their average life expectancy is 12-18 years. But, as among people, there are special centenarians who can be with you for more than 20 years. We have a wonderful story as proof of this miracle.

Dexter was already 20 years old when he got a new house. The family, having arrived at the animal shelter, planned to adopt a cute baby, but it was the adult cat Dexter who won their hearts.

Despite the fact that most of his life was already behind – the family took the opportunity to offer this miracle a new home. So an old and toothless cat got a new family and was cordially received by all its members. And a day later, Dexter became friends with the boy, they had some kind of invisible connection.

The boy decided that it was he who should take care of the cat: it was in his arms that the cat could sleep in a ball for hours, rub against him and purr at the same time.

Dexter is incredibly lucky because his old age is not a shelter cage, but a great company of a loving family. He found a common language not only with people but also with other animals in the house.

According to the owners, this is a cat with character, because if he wants something, then he will definitely get it … even if he urgently needs to refresh himself at 4 in the morning.

Dexter spent a wonderful old age – in the care and love that many can only dream of in his place.

Two years after the events described, Dexter passed away, but there is a wonderful saying about this: Don’t cry, because it’s over. Smile because it was!”

Everyone and everyone deserves a chance! If possible, give this chance and be sure to get a lot more in return!

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