“Fell asleep, little one…” A dirty, tired dog jumped into the strangers car where he was overtaken by a dream

February was full of surprises for Rodrigo Coelho and his wife. It all started when a husband and wife went to the pharmacy to buy medicines. They arrived there by car, not suspecting that they would return back not only with pills.

As soon as Rodrigo left the pharmacy and came to the parking lot, his wife opened the car door for him, because his hands were busy. And then a homeless dog approached the spouses. It was very unexpected, but the pet behaved as if he knew what he was doing.

Taking advantage of the fact that Rodrigo’s wife opened the car door, the mongrel jumped into the cabin and instantly fell asleep. The poor thing is very tired. He had nowhere to rest, and therefore feeling that the people were good, he decided to sleep in their car.

“Tired, little one…” — the dumbfounded husband and wife whispered, considering the intruder.

The paws of the pet were dirty, and it smelled like it had recently been rummaging through the garbage. Probably, it was so.He wandered for a long time and looked for food among the waste.

Looking at the peacefully sleeping dog, Rodrigo and his wife realized that they couldn’t leave him. He looked so miserable and tired that they did not wake him up. The poor thing was clearly relieved to find a safe place to sleep.

The couple decided not to leave the pet.So they went home with him. As soon as the dog went inside, he immediately found himself a new place to continue the interrupted dream. He lay down on the sofa and fell asleep again.

While the baby slept, the other dogs of Rodrigo sniffed the guest with surprise. And when he woke up, an acquaintance took place, accompanied by general squealing and barking. True, everything went off without a fight.

The guy decided to make a video about how the pet adapts to a new home. When everything was ready, he posted the video on social networks. The video quickly became popular, and soon something happened that the couple did not expect!In the comments, they began to write that many saw the dog in other areas. It turns out that his real nickname is Thor and his owners live 13 kilometers from Rodrigo’s house.

The prankster just got lost…

Of course, the couple immediately found the owners and made them happy. How much happiness it was when Thor finally met his loved ones.

This is such a wonderful story! Thanks to Rodrigo and his wife for helping the dog. True, initially they mistook him for a mongrel, but this doesn’t change anything, because only thanks to the spouses Thor is home again!


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