Filin spent 2 days above the swamp, falling into a trap

Owls are usually hunted at night, flying over potential places of prey. Filin from this video fell into an unpleasant situation, trying to go fishing.

Craig Hanging from Texas walked around the city when he noticed a bird above the swamp, which froze in one pose. The man didn’t mean any importance to this. However, the next day, Filin sat in the same place.

Then an indifferent resident decided to find out why the bird didn’t fly away. Armed with special clothes and patience, he climbed into the swamp. Once next to the bird, Craig saw that Filin’s paws were constrained by a fishing line.

Then the Craig armed himself with scissors and again the hall in the pond, but already in order to free the bird.

The man neatly cut the fishing line and let go of a starving and exhausted bird.

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