Fish loves to greet his favorite diver and bring her treasures

The incredible story of the relationship between a fish and a diver is shown in a fascinating video. The diver started noticing peculiar behavior in a tiny fish and decided to document it.

Rachel has over 2000 dives under her belt, but she has never seen such behavior in a fish. The first time they met the fish, Sonny, they thought it was just a coincidence that the fish was behaving so strangely.

But when they came back a couple of weeks later, they realized that the same fish had done the same strange things. It is almost as if the fish enjoys their company and his actions are inexplicable.

The fish leads them around the reef and points out interesting things that the divers want to see, like a barracuda and a sleeping turtle.It’s as if the fish are their own underwater tour guide.

If that wasn’t unbelievable enough, the fish also comes swimming toward her when she beckons him. It seems happy to see them every time they return to this spot on the reef, and it is almost like a puppy, an underwater puppy.

Sonny has returned time and time again. They recognize him from the markings on his head, and these distinct spots make him recognizable from the other butterflyfish on the reef. That, and his unique behavior, of course.

Viewers are fascinated by this strange relationship. One of the viewers commented. «The fact that Sonny went out of his way to show her the other underwater treasures just shows how much he loves this quirky little relationship.» This video makes the viewers question the intelligence of the fish and it is impossible to finish the video without it.

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