Florida cop stopped busy highway to save dog from being hit by wheels

A Florida police officer has been praised for stopping traffic on a busy highway to save a puppy that had just been run over by a car.Pinellas Park Police Officer Joseph Puglia noticed the dog while on his way to work on the Interstate.

Instantly, Puglia «turned to block the dog from moving.» All this was filmed on cameras on the roads.

When the officer realized that the dog was «showing signs of life», he immediately took it to the nearest veterinarian.

“My heart was restless until I realized that he was breathing,” Apulia said in an interview with the publication. In the SUV, I returned and brought an emergency blanket to cover the dog as I didn’t want to injure him further.

“After a series of medical examinations, the dog is predicted to make a full recovery. Due to the dog’s lack of a microchip or identification tag, the owner has yet to be identified.» The dog had minor bruises and several minor cuts.

They named the dog Lucky because, according to Puglia, “it’s obvious that he is a happy puppy,” and he thinks it’s appropriate. The microchip on the dog has not been found, so now they are trying to find his owners in other ways.

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