For 3 years, a dog from a shelter accompanies friends to families, but no one wants to take her

Passers-by noticed Sue as she wandered the street. People took her to a shelter. Years on the street didn’t affect the character of the dog.She remained affectionate and kind towards people. Sue lived in the shelter for a very long time, because the staff could not find owners for her.

On the streets of the English Bada Sue was still a puppy. Noticing that the baby lives on the street, passers-by took her to a shelter. The dog with a calm and kind character was accepted at the shelter immediately, here she was named Sue.She quickly became one of the favorites of all employees.

The volunteers were sure that such a wonderful dog would find a family very quickly, but they were wrong.

Sue has been living in a shelter for three years and during this time no one wanted to give her their love and home. One day, Sue was nevertheless taken to the family, but the owners could not cope with her, and a few days later she returned back. For a long time after that Sue was sad, she couldn’t understand what she had done wrong.

While living at the shelter, Sue managed to introduce hundreds of other animals to new families, many of which were her friends. The dog followed them with a sad look, realizing that a new life was beginning for them.

For some time, Sue really didn’t behave very well, but over time she matured, took lessons with a trainer and her behavior became exemplary.

Volunteers believe that they will soon be able to find a home for the girl, and her future owners will definitely appreciate the kindness and intelligence of the dog.

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