Four kitten brothers looked at people with pleading eyes

People saw these four brothers on the street.Their mother wasn’t with them. The kittens were teenagers, but they really needed care, a warm home, delicious food and a loving owner.

Four kittens were found in the USA on the street of the city of Salem. Seeing that the kittens were left completely alone and required attention and care, people took them to one of the shelters.

The shelter took the littles. All cats were male. They were given the following nicknames: Lamb, Cupid, Spangle, Dancer.

All the brothers were incredibly similar. The woman learned to distinguish kittens from each other only after a particular time. One of them had an oval-shaped face.The other had a longer tail or unusually shaped ears.

The savior immediately noticed that the brothers love each other very much. They did absolutely everything together: slept, played, ate. They never left each other for a second.

All kittens were kind, sociable, affectionate and gentle. As soon as the kids grow up a little, they will find good owners for them.

And now they enjoy life, and appreciate every moment they spend together. Also cats are madly in love with their savior. Such a pet is a real gift of fate.

These wonderful kittens will certainly make happy their owners . We hope that people will take them with a sincere heart and give them care and warmth, because animals don’t need much for happiness.

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