Friendly Australian Shepherd befriends calf doomed to slaughter

Australian Shepherd Lincoln is very responsible in his duties as an older brother, even despite the fact that this brother is a real calf. When Kelvin was taken to a shelter in Canada, he immediately began to take care of him and has not left his side since.

Probably, the faithful dog felt himself in the role of a protector and he had good reasons for this. Kelvin was rescued from a dairy farm where he was doomed from the start to be sent to the slaughterhouse. But he was taken from there by animal rights activists.

Some dairy workers took pity on him and wanted the calf to have a brighter future. When Kelvin was taken to the farm with flowering grass, he was simply delighted with his natural habitat. One of the employees of the shelter shared that the poor animal was deprived of the opportunity to leave the corral and run around the meadow.

As soon as the calf ran enough, he met another resident of the shelter, the dog Lincoln. They are instantly closer and Lincoln helped and taked care of the calf while it enjoyed the freedom and fresh air, and then they slept together on the grass.

The dog became a real tutor for the calf, who was separated from his mother almost from birth and he taught him basic social skills.

Six months later, Kelvin has already become quite large, but Lincoln still perceives the bull as his little brother.

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