Friendship between a cat and a dog at first sight, which will never end

It has long been known that different types of animals can be friends and help each other, even those that are considered enemies. It is this kind of friendship that we want to tell you today.

Here are our inseparable friends — doggie Jackson and kitten Tom.

When the kitten was still quite a baby, it went through many difficult trials. His mother cat disappeared somewhere, and the baby was forced to wander the streets to find at least some food and a warm corner for. But everything changed after he met the dog.

Probably, the kitten immediately realized that this dog is the one he needs. Therefore, he began to follow him everywhere, wherever he went.

Tom at that time was at most two months old and he had no one who would take care of him. People did not pay any attention to the baby. Maybe Jackson let the kitten know he was safe with him.

It is still not exactly clear how animals communicate with each other and whether they have their own language, but they feel kindness more subtly. So Tom immediately began to trust the dog and followed him.

As a result, Jackson brought him to his mistress, who has long been involved in helping homeless animals.This is how the kitten’s dream came true… he found a home.

It turned out that Jackson is 3 years old and he is a very friendly dog. She loves all living beings and loves to play.

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