Giant gorilla Bobo makes friends with a very tiny animal

Just look at this couple! This is a huge gorilla named Bobo and a tiny animal named Kid. Very unexpectedly for everyone, they became best friends and heroes of the social network.

When one resource published this story of incredible friendship with photos and videos, it soon spread throughout the World Wide Web.

And it’s incredibly cute! See how touching Bobo is messing around with his tiny friend.

An unusual couple lives in the African reserve — a non-profit organization that deals with endangered monkeys.
Employees of the company have been working with primates for 20 years, and all these years they have not ceased to be surprised at the behavior of primates. And Bobo’s friendship with a very tiny animal was one such example.

And it all started like this when Bobo once again walked in the morning, she found a newborn baby galago in the bushes.Moreover, which is very surprising, the baby was not at all afraid of his huge guardian. He crawled beside him and again returned to his arms.


What helps the most in this situation is that Bobo is the dominant male of the monkey family. In the group, besides him, there are three more males and three females.

Young males fought for a long time for the place of the dominant male, but could not, since Bobo was a formidable and strong leader. But this friendship shows that even alpha males can show love, care and tender feelings.

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