Girls perform an amazing gymnastics routine on moving horse during an equestrian competition

This awesome video features the Team Lütisburg in an International Equestrian Competition. Millions of viewers have watched this gymnastic equestrian routine. The complex movements and agility on display are sure to impress.

As the video begins, the team of women dressed in pink and black leotards enters a circular ring with a majestic white horse. They come in with choreographed moves to a remix of the Survivor classic «Eye of the Tiger.»

The first girl rides the horse doing a few spins. She is then joined by another team member, and they do coordinated movements using each other to balance.

One girl flips right off the back of the horse. Then three girls pose in a triangle shape, similar to fans at a football game. The horse continues to trot in a circle at an even pace as the girls continue their well-rehearsed routine.

A new group of three girls gets on the horse. The first does a handstand. Then, she supports the other as she lifts a girl straight into the air over her head.

Imagine the most brutal gymnastics routine you can think of, and then perform that routine while riding a horse. That’s the kind of talent you can see in this exciting video.
The girls performed their freestyle perfectly. The video is a fantastic.

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