Glass and bits of debris stuck out of the cat’s tangled fur. She couldn’t even open her eyes

This story began back in 2004, when Ekaterina Rassokhina’s mother unexpectedly brought a skinny Persian cat into the house. The animal was in a disgusting state. Not only the poor thing’s fur look more like a solid tangle, but glass fragments and pieces of garbage were still entangled in it. Besides, the cat couldn’t open her eyes…

A kind woman bathed the cat together with her daughter, and then sheared off the wool. Katya’s parents even posted an ad, thinking that the animal was lost and someone was looking for it, but the owners were never found.

Since then have passed fifteen years. Katya still doesn’t know how the cat ended up on the street, but it doesn’t matter anymore. The main thing is that she is happy.
In early August 2016, the girl went to the village with her parents. Once an emaciated cat came to their house, this time a Siamese one. The animal looked more like a skeleton weighing one and a half kilograms.

People left the poor thing with them without hesitation, trying to find the former owners, but again nothing… The cat lived in the country all summer, ate well, and then Katya’s classmate sheltered the baby at home.

In 2018, another story happened to this family, which literally attracts affected cats to itself. Ekaterina and her parents met a kitten, which was thrown into the entrance. The pet was caught and brought home, and then taken to the veterinarian. It turned out that the baby had beriberi and worms.

Only thanks to the indifference of Katya and her wonderful parents, the three tails are now alive and happy. Thanks to the family for helping our little brothers.

Don’t pass by needy and sick animals! Perhaps you are their last hope for salvation …

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