Going on vacation, the family didn’t expect to meet a sick stray dog there

When the family went to rest, they least expected that they would bring a sick pet with them. Still, because in the plans of people it was completely different. For example, breathe in the fresh sea air and get a bronze tan on the southern coast of Italy.

In the midst of rest, a dog unexpectedly nailed to people. A sweet muzzle couldn’t leave indifferent vacationers. Just in case, they asked if this cutie belonged to anyone, but the people around answered in the negative.

Charming dog was sick. At least, this was evident from her coat, which was missing in places. Realizing that the dog needed help, the family decided to go to the veterinarian and were informed that the pet had a skin infection.

After the rest taking the dog with them people decided to treat it. It took several weeks before the hair of this adorable began to overgrow.Soon she was covered with a chic light “fur coat”.

The dog was named Luna. People realized that they didn’t want to part with it.And therefore they left it with them. According to the owners, the pet is very shy and is often afraid of strangers. It is quite possible that someone offended the dog. True, the sixth sense didn’t let the pet down, because she approached exactly those people who became her owners!

Surprisingly Luna isn’t at all afraid of dogs. She enjoys playing and running with every dog that comes her way. A lively and cheerful pet with a “smile” on her face knows how to make friends with four-legged and charm bipeds!

Well, we are sincerely glad that a chance meeting on the coast of sunny Italy gave people a sincere friend Luna and loving owners for her!

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