Grateful kangaroo has been hugging people daily for 10 years who once saved her

In the wilderness, it is not advised to approach a kangaroo, no matter how tempting to touch and stroke this unusual and very cute animal. They are not very sociable and can bite hard if their personal space is violated.

However, as in every case, there is an exception to any rule, and our story is just about one of such exceptional and unusual cases.

Meet Abigail, probably the most affectionate and philanthropic kangaroo alive today. Every day, she approaches the caretakers of the Wild Animal Rescue Center and hugs them, thus showing gratitude for her saving.

Abigail ended up at the Kangaroo Rescue Center when she was still a five-month-old baby. Ten years have passed since then, she has become an adult beauty and even received the unspoken title of «Queen of the Orphanage».

Her guardians show reciprocity and also love to cuddle with their ward. And this ritual has been going on for ten years with enviable regularity and constancy, and the center’s employees simply cannot imagine their life without the charming Abigail.

Most frequently, Abigail runs up to them in the morning and doesn’t leave until she says hello to all her rescuers. The gratitude of animals is sometimes really amazing and incredibly touching, isn’t it?

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