Guard covered the dog with an umbrella. With this act, he touched people

How much does it take for people to regain faith in a better future? First of all, we need examples, examples of right actions, albeit on a small scale.


It is not a big deal if we look around us to see what’s wrong with others. For example, animals need us in different situations.

Today we want to tell you about the act of one security guard who covered someone else’s dog with an umbrella, thereby touching social networks.

Fresh news from Glasgow, where a security company employee saw a dog getting wet in the rain and made the only right decision. The picture was taken by Mel Gracie, who called on the security company Morrisons to reward their employee.

The weather forecast was unfavorable, the showers were promised to be protracted, and it was impossible to leave the dog like this to get bored and get wet near the supermarket. And as he managed, he helped him.

As Dearman himself succinctly remarked when the count of thank-you comments exceeded a hundred thousand: “It seems that today I made many people happy.” And last but not least, Freddy’s owners, who thanked him heartily. That’s such a trifle, but cheered up the whole city!

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