Guide dog wins master’s degree along with his owner

The girl Hawley could not move without the help of a wheelchair. But determination and intelligence allowed her to become a graduate of one of the most prestigious universities in the United States, which she, moreover, graduated with honors.

During the years of study, she was supported by a faithful friend and indispensable assistant, a dog named Griffin. He helps his mistress in everything and not only in everyday matters, but also is a moral support. In addition, there is absolute mutual understanding between Griffin and Hawley and some special connection from the very first meeting.

They do everything together, so the graduation ceremony could not do without a faithful dog and companion. Moreover, he received a master’s degree along with his mistress. A similar decision was made by the leadership of the university, since the dog often overcame all obstacles along with his mistress.

Hawley herself expressed her gratitude to her four-legged friend for the fact that he was always there and overcame the most difficult moments with her, when she used to fall into despair. He opened doors for her, gave her an umbrella and outerwear and performed many other tasks that a girl could not do due to her condition.

This story is another vivid confirmation of the true heroism and dedication of dogs that will never be abandoned in difficult times.

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