Guy’s reaction to first steps of rescued parrot will melt any heart

A TikTok user named Yassin Elmahgub saved a baby parrot with a birth defect. The chick couldn’t walk, but the boy’s love and the efforts of the vets worked wonders.

For several months, the guy nursed the chick. He didn’t sleep at night, took him to specialists in different cities and hoped for the best. The baby has a birth defect, due to which he could not walk or even just stand.

Recently, the chick took its first steps and Yassin Elmakhgub simply couldn’t contain his emotions.

The guy began to jump around the room with joy and excitement, and even began to cry. “This is the best thing that has happened to me in a long time!” confessed the guy.

A touching video with the first steps of a parrot has collected more than nine million views and several thousand comments.

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