Happy family reunites with lost blind dog Lulu

Blind golden retriever Lulu was found alive after getting lost. She disappeared from home on June 12 in Alaska’s city of Sitka.

The heartbroken Kubacki family was very happy to see their dog safe.

Father of the family Ted Kubacki said that the dog means everything for them. He said his five daughters spent all their time with Lulu.

He said they were very worried and scared because their dog is blind, though he added that thanks to it the dog could not go very far from their home.

The family searched for the dog everywhere they could for a few weeks but failed to find any traces of Lulu.

Nevertheless they did not lose hope and continued looking for the dog.

A few weeks later, the construction team found Lulu in an embankment. She was dirty, dehydrated and underweight, but what is the most important – still alive.

Ted Kubacki said they all were very happy to see that the pet they love so much is alive and unharmed.

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