Having learned that the treatment of the Dalmatian would cost 50,000 rubles, the owner offered to put him to sleep

A couple came to a veterinary clinic in the suburbs and brought a beautiful Dalmatian for examination. The dog was frightened and pressed his whole body against the owner, most likely visiting the clinic was new to her.

As it turned out, the dog’s three paws were broken, she could not stand on them. Most likely, during the walk, the owners did not put a leash on the pet, and he ran out onto the road, just under the wheels of the car. When Anfisa was examined and X-rayed, the doctor informed the owners that it was possible to cure the dog, but an operation would be required, and the entire treatment would cost about 50 thousand rubles.

Hearing the amount, the owner of the Dalmatian immediately asked about the cost of euthanasia. The doctor began to explain that, in general, the animal is healthy, and the fracture of the paws is fixable, so there are no indications for putting the pet to sleep. The owners of the Dalmatian did not want to listen to the veterinarian, although it was clear from their appearance that they were clearly not in poverty.

As a result, the owners simply put the dog on the floor of the clinic, and they themselves turned around and left. The doctors had no choice but to euthanize the animal, which was no longer needed by its owners, but Anfisa looked at them with a look full of hope, as if asking them to help her …

One of the clinic staff called me, because we have come here more than once with our pets.

— Inna, we have a very strange situation. The owners left the dog at the clinic and left. They do not want to treat her, they demand that we put her to sleep, it is expensive for them to treat. I wanted to ask if you can help? We simply do not have time, even to look for options.

I made a decision right away, asking them to call the owners and demand that they write an application for abandoning the dog. From that moment on, we took over all the worries about Anfisa.

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