«Home delivery!»The dog ran away, and after a while a courier appeared in front of the door with a load in his hands

“Sign that the order has been delivered!” These are the words a young courier working for the FedEx service says quite often. This is his job and the guy does it well. But recently he had to deliver a very funny «goods»

Lisa Mesis of Colorado was out of town when her beloved three-year-old golden retriever named Catcher mysteriously disappeared. She was at Lisa’s house being renovated, and while the workers were working to improve the appearance of the dwelling, the curious dog quietly slipped out through the open door and was like that.

When Lisa found out about this, the woman was horrified.

“She could jump out onto the roadway, and I don’t even want to think what could happen!” says the hostess.

And the four-legged pet quietly went to the neighboring area. The camera found her, and a little later, the good Samaritan, who decided to help the fugitive return home.

Knowing nothing about the whereabouts of Catcher, Lisa suddenly heard a call.

«I found your dog and the address is on the tag, so I’m bringing him straight to you» a male voice said cheerfully, after which they hung up.

And after a while, the outdoor camera recorded a man who carefully carried a dog in his hands! At the same time, Catcher had such a surprised uncomprehending look. It looked very touching and cute, and Lisa couldn’t help but smile.

The young man didn’t present himself.So the woman, who, being outside the city could only see the recording on the camera, does not know his name. She only said that she was shocked by such a kind act on the part of a man who interrupted his work day and orders to deliver a dog to her house.

“He is a hero to us!” says Lisa, overflowing with gratitude.

Well, we are sincerely glad that the curious Catcher didn’t get into trouble and was in good hands, who brought her straight to the house.

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