Homeless cat was hiding among the stones

One day a passer-by saw a small kitten on the street, who ran with all his might to the stones by the stream to hide from everyone.

The man immediately posted a message about the kitten on his Facebook page, because it wasn’t possible to get a kitten on his own.

His post was noticed by a woman who volunteers for the local organization Best Friends Felines.

Dropping all her doings, she decided to save the baby. It wasn’t easy to save him but she coped with this difficult task.

The kitten was emaciated which made him look even smaller.And it wasn’t even possible to determine his real age.

In the evening of the same day volunteers looked for someone else in this place,but there wasn’t a single kitten anymore.

The rescued kitten was given the nickname Mufasa.And then taken to foster care, where an experienced volunteer was already waiting for him who would become his temporary guardian.

Already in the first week he gained about 100 grams.

Despite his small size he showed extraordinary courage. The kitten has its own wonderful character.It is still growing but already stands hard on all legs. Every day he becomes happier.

He really likes being scratched and stroked.Then you can hear him purring loudly in gratitude. He falls asleep right in his arms, and on his face you can see that he is very grateful to his foster mother and feels safe with her.

This is how the life of a little kitten was saved thanks to caring people.

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