Homeless man rushed into burning shelter building to save animals

Each person is capable of a feat, even if, according to others, he is not capable of such a thing. Last year, on December 18, the W-Underdogs Animal Shelter in Atlanta caught fire. While everyone else was thinking about what to do, a drifter named Keith Walker ran into the burning building and started saving the animals.

The man was left homeless and has been wandering for 40 years. He manages to earn money to feed himself and the dog, but finding housing has become a real problem for him.

For so many years, Keith is used to living in such conditions, but he pays for his dog to spend the night at the W-Underdogs shelter. That evening, when the building caught fire, the man followed the dog to walk it.

Keith Walker had the courage not only to save his dog, but also the rest of the animals.

The kitchen of the orphanage suffered the most from the fire.The kitchen caught fire, so the firemen arrived in time to extinguish it. And they were not going to save animals, since their regulations only apply to humans.And in general, a separate service is engaged in work with animals, and no one wanted to receive a fine. It’s all about bureaucracy.

And while everyone was deciding on whom to throw responsibility for the animals, Keith Walker was engaged in their rescue. He was very scared, but pity for defenseless animals was stronger.

The man managed to save all the animals, who were subsequently transferred to a new and safe building. The shelter is going to be restored in the near future, as it is an important social project of the city, which implements special programs for the education of teenagers, the rehabilitation of patients with unstable mentality and the re-education of prisoners.

Now Kit and his dog are always happy to see the shelter, which, in turn, organized a fundraiser to buy them a home.

Good and brave people are everywhere.

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