How do cats show their love for their owners?

We all know that dogs actively express their love for their owners. They wag their tails, at a meeting they throw themselves on their hands and rest their muzzles on their palms.

Another thing is cats. They have a reputation for being selfish, who prefer to live on their own. However mustachioed pets show their feelings for their owners. They just do it differently.

The cat doesn’t leave the room if a person enters it

This can be taken as a compliment. After all, cats are loners by nature. And so the animal shows that it trusts a person and can calmly fall asleep in his presence, without fear of danger.

The cat walks around the house with its tail held high and slightly curled.

The animal thus greets the person. The cat rejoices at the appearance of the owner.

The cat closes its eyes slowly

He makes this movement out of pleasure. This gesture is sometimes called the «kiss of a cat».One of the highest signs of a pet’s affection for a person.

The cat licks the face of a person or tries to straighten his hair

Perhaps the tongue of the animal is touching and not the most pleasant thing that concerned you. However, this is an unambiguous gesture of closeness between animal and human.

Cat rubs cheeks

Thus, the animal marks «its» person. The cat produces odorous pheromones that their brethren smell. Now they all know who «belongs» this person.

«Gifts» from cats

These animals tend to bring «gifts» in the form of killed small animals to the house. So cats show that they are one family with these people.

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