How this Golden Retriever puppy dives into the pool.

Golden Retrievers are one of the cutest dogs you will ever come across. These dogs are extremely cute and very friendly. According to experts, Golden Retrievers are one of the best breeds to have if your family has little kids.

Unlike most other dogs, Golden Retrievers are natural swimmers. They can swim in water without any prior training. Mia, the little Golden Retriever puppy, proved it. Mia was tiny when she was taken to the family pool. Although it was her first time in the pool, she was not afraid.

Mia jumped right into the pool. Unfortunately, due to its small size, she immediately went under water. But thanks to her natural swimming abilities, Mia reappeared. However, the little incident frightened Mia, so she chose to stay on the steps inside the pool where the water was shallow.

After some time, she jumped into the water and began swimming again. This time, Mia swam carefully and only along the pool’s edges. Her owner has been keeping a close eye on the puppy to make sure nothing bad happens to Mia.

Although her owner tried to encourage Mia to get into the water again, the little puppy took her time. She wanted to gather all the courage to swim again.

Finally, she managed to get back into the pool. After swimming for some time, Mia’s owner took her to the bathroom, where she earned a proper bath.

Mia enjoyed her bath, after which she received her favorite tummy rub.At the next sporting event, she played with a broom while her owner cleaned the floor. After a tiring day, the little puppy finally went to sleep.

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