Huskies have raised a cat and now she is convinced that she is a brave big dog

The little cat was kicked out into the street, leaving it to survive on its own in this world. The cat was lucky, because on her way she met a kind woman who couldn’t pass by and took the cat to her house.

At home, three adult husky dogs were already waiting for the woman.

The dogs immediately adopted a cat into their family, which the owner gave the nickname Rosie.

Rosie grew up with three dogs, so it’s no surprise that she also considers herself one of them. Rosie copies the husky’s behavior, believing it to be just as big and brave.

Dogs also consider Rosie equal, she is an indispensable participant in all their games.

Looking at the photos of this large family, you understand that the cat has really become a full member of the dog family.

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