Husky unable to walk found in a swamp in a tied bag

In the swamp, the children noticed something in a tightly tied bag. Approaching, they saw that the bag was moving and whining was heard from there. The children were frightened and went to their parents, who took out the bag, untying it.

In the bag was a completely emaciated and soiled dog with tearful eyes. From the first time it was difficult to recognize a husky in her. When the poor dog was liberated and they were going to go back, they noticed that the dog didn’t try to get up, but only whined and scratched the grass with its skinny paws.

Only then did they realize that the poor animal could not walk. As if begging for help, the dog gathered the last of its strength and crouched at their feet and when it was stroked, it began to lick people’s hands.

People couldn’t imagine such a degree of cruelty and betrayal to their own pet. Later it turned out that the dog was left in the bag not because she couldn’t walk, but she acquired a disability because of the people.

The dog was taken to the vet and the doctors were stunned as they had never seen anything like it. The condition of the dog was terrible and there was almost no chance. Nobody wanted to take her to overexposure, because they didn’t even hope that she would get out.

Then one of the volunteers took it for herself, and after learning her story, she cried for a long time. Now Bullet, as the volunteers called her, is undergoing a rehabilitation process and we hope that her suffering will end soon.

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