If that’s not love, then what is? Puppy finds the fluffiest dog among his friends to sleep on

An adorable dog named Edna has been going to a dog day care center for animals ever since she was a puppy. While the owners are at work, the baby is having fun.

It should be noted that the pet is very friendly and willingly communicates with other animals. Edna’s daily routine is always the same. First, she runs and plays with the other inhabitants of the kindergarten, and then goes to bed. And here the most interesting begins.

The cunning Edna, being especially loving, finds the most fluffy dog and uses her girlfriend as a «bad».

By the way, most four-legged friends do not mind at all. They probably really like fluffy company.

When Edna was a puppy, it was much easier for her to nestle under the warm side of other animals. Even when the dog grew up, she didn’t give up this funny habit.She just really likes to be around other dogs and for this she uses every opportunity.

When it’s time to leave in the late afternoon, the baby is still sleeping at the side of one of her relatives. She needs some effort to woke this cute and go home.

Edna’s owners say she always has to be «removed» from some other dog when they come to get her.

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