In any weather a dog ran along the roadway. She was waiting for someone, looking at the road with eyes full of hope

Recently, they met a dog on the road. She was here in any weather. Dirty and wet from the rain, she rushed along the road, seeing off cars. And the dog was resting under an old truck. A couple of months ago, caring people turned to volunteers to find out why the animal is here.

As it turned out that the pet’s owner  died a month and a half ago.The pet couldn’t understand this so she was also waiting for the owner. The most interesting thing is that she wasn’t alone under the truck, but there were also other dogs. All of them belonged to the deceased and are now left unattended. By the way, the conditions in which the poor lived led to the fact that one dog died.

A local man told the shelter staff that he constantly feeds the animals. And not only he, the neighbors often bring food to the poors. But no one can take them away.The dogs are waiting for their owner .

Having learned about the current situation, the volunteers decided to help the poor animals.

A simple method worked this time too.The volunteers set up traps and the dogs quickly fell into them. Fortunately they managed to catch everyone. So the frightened animals were safe.

It’s good that the shelter staff were able to catch them because the dogs needed medical attention. Having examined them the veterinarian found parasites. All animals were cured.

Well, then the neighbor decided to take care of the dogs. He said that he would find a place for them in his yard and the poor fellows would no longer have to wander the streets. We have no doubt that if the late owner knew that now the dogs are safe and cared for, he would be very happy.

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