In seven years this woman and her association have rescued 1,200 injured dogs

Amber French has saved 1,200 dogs from suffering since starting a partnership with Lucky Mutts, an animal shelter in Milwaukee, Wisconsin,.Slim Jim is one of the wonders who started again thanks to her.

The victim of a car accident, he recovered from his injuries thanks to an operation she sponsored.

The likes of Robin and Penny had to be euthanized in the shelter due to space constraints, but Amber French, along with the Guardian, did everything in their power to save them.

Hickory and Chase also risk euthanasia, but start a family with the intervention of their benefactor. Benny is attacked by a coyote, but is picked up by Amber French and soon finds his new home.

A great animal lover, she is ready to intervene at any time of the day or night to save them. This is supported by Johnny Ellman, owner of the Groom’s Closet Pet Center grooming salon.

The center also offers breeding options for these pit bulls. “If my phone rings at 6:30 a.m., it’s orange. When it rings at 10 p.m., it’s orange too. There is always a dog to keep somewhere,” he said.

In addition to animal rescue, Amber French works full-time in community service. She has worked in child protection for 20 years.

Her boss, Tina Fraser, confessed her admiration for the woman of infinite generosity and selflessness. “She had a great idea,” she said.

We all know and appreciate his enthusiasm. She has dedicated her career to helping children and caring for adoptive parents, but she has also dedicated her life to animals.

French Amber, praised for her philanthropy on the show, immediately received a check for $400, which she presented to Johnny Armand.

In the latter, 20 dogs are currently awaiting adoption, which can be quite expensive to maintain. She knows how to do this, so no doubt she will know how to find a loved one for them.

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