In the park, a kitten stopped a boy and clung his legs! He had a very important job…

As much as we tried, we will not be able to get away from our destiny if it has already planned something. A boy from Japan was one hundred percent convinced of this, that was just walking in the park and quite unexpectedly met his future there. What?

Kawasaki Hina was returning home through a local park, when suddenly a tiny, but very stubborn kitten ran out towards him. The guy tried to get around the kid, but he did not let him go further.After circling around the guy’s legs a little, the fluffy one suddenly clung them and began to greedily climb up! Probably, he chose his man for himself and decided for himself that they should now live together.


Clearly, the baffled Hin had no choice but to take the fluffy monster to his home.

Immediately feeling like the mistress of this room, the kitty even managed to get her own name — Vella.

“She fell asleep almost immediately in my house,” Hina remembers with a smile on her face.

Every day the little clumsy kitten turned more and more into a beautiful young cat.

Of course, Vella’s owner could not resist her charms, and soon she became a big part of his life!

“She is like my own,” says the happy guy.

Vella adores her master, that she herself chose. Always, she goes after Hina, not letting him to miss.

“I think she loves me too. We will always be together,” says the guy.

Now the kitten named Vella is 2.5 years old. Both even wash side by side!Sure, It was love at first sight.

Now these two have found happiness and a family!

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