In winter, an abandoned puppy sat in the middle of the road. The driver barely had time to slow down…

Tatyana Shurshina shared with us a story about her wonderful dog named Chara. The pet in the past is the most ordinary mongrel who was lucky to meet a kind girl in her life …

Acquaintance of the animal with the mistress happened four years ago. Tanya and her husband were very worried about the death of their beloved dog and could not recover. They went to bury the baby in a car, and on the way back, tearful Tanya felt that the car moved sharply. It turns out that her husband braked sharply when he saw a small puppy in the middle of the road. It was Chara!

The worried man immediately got out of the car, and then returned, placing the puppy on his wife’s lap so that she began to warm the pet. He himself immediately went back to the road. Where Chara came from on a deserted road remained a mystery. It seemed very strange to the spouses that they met the baby on the very day when they buried the deceased pet.

At that time there were severe frosts — the puppy could have died just about! But, fortunately, it was at that moment that the couple drove by and managed to save Chara.

The dog is now four years old and gets along well with Tanya’s two children. The youngest daughter is only seven months old, and Chara tirelessly wears her favorite ball to her in the hope that the baby will someday throw it to her! Very soon, the dream of the pet will come true, even if the girl grows up a little.

This wonderful family also has a cat who for some reason believes that Chara is his property or even a daughter. It’s probably because of the fact that the cat is older than the dog and remembers it as a puppy.

Tatyana is very happy about the appearance of Chara in her life. Spouses say that the dog has become for them not only a favorite and friend, but also a helper.

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