It all started with a black-and-white … And now there is a whole “bouquet” of animals in the house!

That’s how it happens! You get one pet and then you can’t stop.

Marina Podivilova told about her animals. It all started ten years ago.

One day the girl’s husband brought a kitten from the bird market. So the first pet appeared in the house, which was given the nickname Kuzya.

Four years later, the family decided to get another dog. Coincidentally, a dog that lives with friends brought puppies. So Marina appeared Bonya.

And three years ago, a pregnant cat came to the neighbor’s store. Marina wanted to sterilize her, but did not have time. Then the road sweeper took the box with three kids and brought it to the girl’s entrance.

Then Marina took home the whole trinity. The kids managed to be placed in good hands, and the cat-mother was sterilized and left at home. Now cat is called Muska.

And a year later, alcoholic neighbors, in front of Marina, threw a kitten from the second floor! At that time he was about four months old.

The baby lost a few teeth in the fall. Unfortunately, they never grew up. Now the cat’s name is Barsik.

But that’s not all. Last year, Vasily fell on top of the girl. He looked like a small and thin «rat». In appearance, he could be given no more than three weeks.

The funny thing is that the baby was fed and raised by a dog living in the family. And this despite the fact that she has never been a mother!

At the moment Marina has a dog, a cat and three cats! The family is large and incredibly friendly.

It’s good that they were lucky enough to meet such a caring girl on the path of life …

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