It takes a little to be happy! An elderly dog is very happy that someone remembers his birthday

This little old dog named Bailey has seen a lot of holidays in his lifetime. His family adores the pet, celebrating his birthday every year. Most importantly, the joy that the owners experience from the fact that the pet is nearby does not decrease year after year. On the contrary, their love for the animal only grows.

Bailey celebrated his thirteenth birthday last week. Of course, this date could have passed unnoticed, if not for the hype that his family made for the dog. And the owners of the pet decided that such an important day should definitely be celebrated.

Bailey’s owners got together to throw a pet party. He was surprised and delighted at the same time.

And, as you know, no birthday can do without a song dedicated to the birthday man!

Satisfied with life, the dog enjoyed life, eating the cake and sorting out the new toys that he was presented with on the same day. But the most important thing for a small elderly dog was that next to him were people who loved him endlessly. For Bailey, this was the most expensive gift of all.

The animal’s family considers it their duty to celebrate his birthdays. This is perhaps one of the few ways to return to him all the love and warmth that the dog has bestowed on his owners for thirteen years! Bailey deserves nothing less.

Let the pet celebrate as many anniversaries as possible with the family. Health to you, baby!

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