Japanese flying squirrels are perhaps the most adorable creatures on the planet.

Flying squirrels are amazing and incredible creatures that can touch with just their appearance. You look at these tiny, fluffy lumps and a smile appears on your face, regardless of anything and completely uncontrollably.

These ivy beauties live on the islands of Kyushu and Honshu in Japan, but you can also meet flying squirrels in Siberia and even some regions of Europe.

There are many species of flying squirrels, but Siberian and Japanese rodents have such a charming appearance.
These cuties are distinguished by black eyes in the form of round beads and stuffed wool of a light shade. They are simply created in order to photograph them, only the animals do not really like to pose for the camera, and their excessive mobility makes this task a real quest.

Rodents are active, for the most part, at night, and this also makes it quite difficult to photograph them.
In contrast to its other tribesmen, this type of squirrel does not hibernate, but sometimes they sleep for several days in a row in winter.

By the way, don’t let the species name fool you. These squirrels are literally unable to fly. They move through the trees from branch to branch with the help of leather membranes, which are placed between their hind and front legs.

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