Kitten was freezing on a garbage heap…But now he is loved and sleeps in a warm bed

One kind woman drew attention to a gray ball that topped a pile of street garbage. Upon closer inspection, the furball turned out to be a kitten – he curled up into a tight ball, protecting his body from the cold.

It was in the vicinity of Jersey city; the thermometer showed 7 ° C. The lonely kitty didn’t have a single chance to survive.

At his age, it is impossible to spend the winter outdoors without outside help, so a passer-by contacted a local animal rights group. Volunteer Athena immediately agreed to pick up the baby.

Athena breathed a sigh of relief when the kitten was finally brought to her. He was alert, nervous and even angry, declaring his feline rights.

The hungry baby greedily pounced on a plate of food. The guardians gave him some more time to relax after a heavy meal and recuperate before bathing.

Athena sat him on a warm blanket, the kitten instantly purred and rolled onto his back, exposing his tummy.

“We thought we would have to socialize him because at first, he behaved aggressively. But then he started asking for affection so openly,” says the volunteer.

The warm bath helped wash most of the dirt and engine oil off the cat’s coat.

The furry boy no longer needs to worry about food and shelter. He quickly adapted to the new luxury conditions and became addicted to the embrace of his adoptive family.

Now life is great!

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