Kitten whose legs were paralyzed feels them again despite everything..

The kitten named Oates came to the shelter with an injured back. A small gray lump couldn’t stand on its hind legs and looked at people with an unhappy look, in which was read the only question: “Do I deserve this??”.

The shelter staff couldn’t find the answers, but they knew for sure that they weren’t going to give up.

Kitten Rescue Program

When the baby arrived at the shelter, the volunteers turned to the Nova Cat Clinic, as they had a program to rescue orphaned kittens in a critical situation.

“When they took him, the kitten felt no pain and could neither sit nor fully stand.” said Ellen Carozza a veterinary technician who has been working with tailed patients for a long time. The baby also had urinary incontinence.

Despite all this the kitten’s expressive eyes immediately captivated all the clinic workers. He looked at people feeling that they wanted to help him. Ellen took the baby under her «wing», so Oats received all the required treatment.

The first sessions of electroacupuncture and laser therapy showed that the cat has a chance of being cured. He developed sensitivity in his paralyzed legs and when his tummy was scratched, the baby extended his hind limbs.

Little optimist

The following sessions which included other procedures helped the cat begin to feel the urge to urinate. So far the baby needs some help to go to the toilet, but still he is making clear progress.

Despite his problem, the kitten is very affectionate and playful. He enjoys the slightest opportunity to communicate with people and gets along well with other residents of the shelter. So that he wouldn’t be bored, he was “introduced” to another kitten and now the baby has a best friend.

Doctors say that this gray lump impresses with its love of life and optimism. With each step, he is getting closer and closer to recovery and never ceases to amaze doctors. Veterinarians really hope that one day the baby will stand on its hind legs and be able to walk like any healthy cat.

Well, we sincerely wish the little one a full recovery and a meeting with the owners who want to “adopt” this glorious kitten and give him love.

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