Kylie and snowflake duck

There is an ironic, although not very common, saying that is sometimes used when they want to show the stupidity of a particular person. They say about him that he is «intelligent as a duck.»

But if they said so about you, don’t take offense! Remember better the incredibly touching story of friendship between an American girl named Kylie Brown and a duckling named Snowflake.

It started in 2014 when Kylie was only 4 years old. The girl lived with her family in a small town called Freeport, Maine, USA. In fact the duckling came to her as a very small chick and specialits think that he considers the girl his mother.

The chick almost immediately got used to the caring girl. If Kylie left somewhere for a long time, Snowflake became visibly nervous.He literally fell into a panic, rushing around the house in search of his mother, unusual for ducks.


In addition, the duck categorically refused to stay overnight in the yard, preferring to sleep next to his young mistress. Kylie’s parents had no choice and purchased a special house for the duckling. It was installed in the girl’s room.

Now Kylie goes to school, and theSnowflake is impatiently waiting for her at home. Sometimes the girl takes her pet to the pond to swim among the other ducks.

Her faithful friend invariably returns to his mistress, who, clearly, has become more to him than a mother for an ordinary duckling.

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