Lonely peacock walked more than 1,000 kilometers in search of a friend

Sometimes wild animals amaze us more than pets. And if we can see our cats and dogs acting awkwardly because they live with us, then in the case of wild animals such cases happen very seldom. Keep on reading to understand what we mean.


This story took place in the American city of Indianapolis. The peacock, who was given the nickname Franklin, was clearly looking for something, as he literally looked under every bush, went around the yards and even examined the roofs of residential buildings.

Caring Americans began to film the bird on video and share records on the Internet. And soon a group called “Where is Franklin the Peacock now?” appeared on one of the social networks, in which it was possible to track the movement of the mysterious guest.

Users have put forward different versions of what drives Franklin. But most agreed that the peacock is lonely and is in search of a mate. Judging by the map, the bird made a march of a thousand kilometers.

More recently, it became known that the romantic peacock is expected at the Olivia’s Oinking Acres farm, as Rhyme the peacock was delivered there a couple of weeks ago. For Franklin, farm life is the best option. How do you think the relationship between Franklin and Rhyme will work out?

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